July 26 - 28, 2017
Detroit, MI

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Ford Motor Company on Seat Ergonomics and Aging Populations

Jeroen Lem, Vehicle Interior Technologies at Ford Motor Company, discusses best engineering practices for designs that facilitate vehicle entry and egress, design strategies that optimize the ability of older drivers to reach the instrumentation panel and see the roadway, and solutions for educating younger engineers on the physical needs and limitations of older populations.

Use of Modular Components Over Several Models to Reduce Variance and Create Cost Benefits As Well As More Flexibility

Peter Thomae, Commodity Buyer at Volkswagen of America, presents on best engineering practices for incorporating the seating functions that Gen Y craves at an affordable cost without compromising safety, what should be standard equipment, and what should be optional, the impact on luxury brands: What they must do to stay competitive when luxury seating becomes a middle-market feature.

IIHS LATCH Ease-of-Use: Strategies to Improve Vehicle Ratings

Jennifer Pelky, Sr. Engineer, Interior Safety and Crashworthiness, CPST at Toyota Technical Center, discusses what needs to be considered if automakers seeking to earn the IIHS’s coveted Good+ rating for child restraint installation hardware will need to comply with the Institute’s new LATCH requirements.


Digitalization and Industry 4.0 in Automotive Seat & Interior Manufacturing

Technology is transforming what car-makers can do with interiors. New mega trends will change how customers spend time in the cabin. Some key players in the market already reacted and took a strategic decision towards a 100% interior focus and split off their seat manufacturing activities.

Exclusive Content

Q&A: Honda's Frank Moburg

We interviewed Frank Moburg, Senior Automotive Interior Designer at Honda. He talks about what he has going on under the hood, or more appropriately, under the upholstery.

Seating through the Ages

Complying with regulations, pioneering interchangeable components, and finding that ergonomic sweet spot – seating engineers have faced down these issues for millennia. Have a look at whose shoulders you stand on when you sit at the design table, and pick up some conversation ice breakers to use at the Automotive Seating Innovators Summit.

Nissan Case Study

Akinari Hirao of Nissan Motors' Vehicle Component Engineering Division shared this in-depth case study about zero-gravity seats, seat heatersand pressure reduction cushions for a past summit.


Sitting Pretty: An Armchair Economist's Perspective

The global automotive market is in a constant state of flux. Seeing as it is directly linked to the automotive seating field, we have composed an infographic displaying the market trends from top car-producing nations and regions. The results paint a picture of the market's current shape, and highlight areas of interest for car seating manufacturers.


Seating Comfort and Ergonomics

IQPC's Colin Pawsey delves into the spinal implications of ergonomics, new design concepts in seating comfort, and weight reduction. He provides specific looks at car companies and the innovative solutions they are pursuing. 


The Auto Future: Fast and Furious

Past speaker David E. Cole, Chairman Emeritus at the Center for Automotive Research and Chairman at Auto Harvest, talks about US light vehicle sales & forecast, manufacturing choke points, the challenges ahead, and more in this past presentation.

Biomechanical Tools vs the Ford Multi-Contour Seat

Past speaker Jeroen Lem, Vehicle Interior Technologies at Ford Research and Advanced Engineering Europe, overviews long-term seating, active sitting, biomechanical approaches, and more in this past presentation.

Seat Design and Driver Comfort

Past speaker Mac Reynolds, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus at Michigan State University and Owner of ERL LLC, sheds light on designing for different body sizes, driver behavior by body size, case studies of specific vehicle seats and their effects, and more in this past presentation.

Mercedes-Benz: Seats of the New S-Class

Through specific modification of the height adjuster, the Chauffeur‘s position on the passenger side is made possible.The noticeably larger footwell is supported by an electric extendable footrest. Interested in learning more about the modular design and innovative solutions for the S-Class Seating? Download the full presentation today!

The Automotive Seat That Monitors Your Heartbeat

Ford is developing a seat that bridges healthcare with the car industry. The ECG seat is able to monitor the heart rate of the occupant. This presentation is compliments of Jeroen Lem of Ford Research and Advanced Engineering Aachen.

Car Seat Design for Driver Satisfaction

At a past summit, Mac Reynolds, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Michigan St University and owner of ERL LLC, discussed how to optimize seats for driver satisfaction and the fact that the overall seat satisfaction of owners is low.

Use of Composites in Automotive Seating

Calvin Nichols, Automotive Market Development Manager at BASF Performance Materials, discussed material applications in automotive seating at a past event. His presentation goes into thermoplastic automotive composites, material characterization, automated tapelaying, and testing, and provides specific examples and data to back up his points. 

2017 Speaker Presentation Package

This package contains the expert presentations from Jeroen Lem, Vehicle Interior Technologies at Ford Motor Company, Peter Thomae, Commodity Buyer at Volkswagen of America and Jennifer Pelky, Sr. Engineer, Interior Safety and Crashworthiness, CPST at Toyota Technical Center.


Automotive Seating Structures: Innovation Report

The automotive seating sector is a hotbed of innovation, with seemingly unlimited ways to improve and develop. The main driving factor as always is the desire to reduce weight, but unlike certain other areas of manufacturing where weight reduction is the only driving force, in seating there are many other factors to consider. These of course, include aesthetics, comfort, space-saving and functionality, but with new technologies coming to the fore, other considerations such as heat control, driver monitoring systems and self-healing/stain resistant fabrics are also very much on the agenda.

Global Automotive Textile Market Outlook Sample Report

This sample report by Fibre2Fashion.com examines of the Global Automotive Textile Marketing by market size, by region, by application, & by type. Download the report for a forecast of trends until 2020.

Meeting CAFE Standards: An Auto Industry Roundtable

We asked 8 industry experts to share their thoughts on the main challenges of reducing weight and complying with CAFE standards. Each of them has an interesting perspective to offer.

Automotive Seating Solution: A White Paper

The automotive seating suspension known as Dymetrol® is the award-winning solution for automotive seating. Dymetrol automotive seating materials provide unmatched comfort, weight savings, space savings, durability, and design flexibility. Recently, Dymetrol fabric has become the ideal solution to lighten up automotive seating as designers strive to remove weight from vehicles to meet the new CAFÉ standards...
This is provided by The Acme Group.

Innovative Seating: Roundtable Report

Our panel of experts discuss the latest consumer trends in vehicle seating as well as their visions about the seat of the future. Contributors include Scott Ziolek of Hyundai-Kia and Gregg Peterson of Lotus, both of whom spoke at previous Summits.

VISTAGY’s New Seat Design Environment™

VISTAGY’s Seat Design Environment™ supports the entire design to manufacturing process for seat trim covers by providing an environment integrated into commercial CAD systems where geometric and nongeometric information can be captured within a single 3D CAD model throughout the entire design process.


Automotive Seat Design to Support Health and Vitalization

“My first fascination is not seeing the seat, but feeling the seat.” Automotive IQ spoke to Prof. Dr. Peter Vink about the major effects influencing seat design and how to measure and improve comfort. Prof. Vink is professor at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft. He is working on interior design (including seats) and the effects on comfort experience, performance and health.

Sitting Down With Nissan and Ford

Phil Siemiantkowski, Senior Project Engineer at Nissan Motor Company, and Michelle Brecht, Global Premium Interiors Core Buyer at the Ford Motor Company, discuss the Automotive Seating business strategy for Tier 1 companies and OEMs, additive manufacturing applications in the field, and the fluctuation of global markets ahead of their panel discussion at the summit.

Reducing the Parts Per Seat: Modular, Flexible, Adaptable, Scalable Seating Mechanisms

Magna’s innovation process and product development strategy led to the successful development of the one-touch mechanism system, which was a finalist for the PACE Innovation Award and the Chrysler Innovation Award.  Find out more about their strategies for reducing the parts per seat in this interview with Dino Nardicchio, Global Vice President, Research and Development at Magna Seating.

The Challenges of Personalized Seating

An in-depth discussion about various seating challenges with Dr. Susanne Frohriep, Manager New Technologies at Johnson Controls.

Virtual Seat Design for Vehicle Concept

In this interview, Herbert Reynolds, Professor Emeritus at Michigan State University and Owner of ERL LLC, joins Automotive IQ to talk about the use of digital human models to design optimal seating surfaces for driver and passenger populations, how to maximize the market for global vehicles, and some of the advantages of objective communication between design, engineering and marketing at vehicle concept.

Seat Design for Whiplash Mitigation

David Zuby, Highway Safety Researcher at IIHS joins Automotive IQ to discuss efforts being made in seat design to reduce neck injuries in rear crashes.  He gives some insights on what seat and head restraint safety ratings mean, and some possible solutions for the comfort versus safety dilemma.