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July 30 - August 01, 2018
Embassy Suites by Hilton Detroit Livonia Novi, Livonia, MI

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What's Driving the Future of Seating? Top 5 Ways Autonomous Technology and Mobility are Transforming Seating

Autonomous vehicles (AVs), ride hailing/sharing apps (i.e. Lyft and uber), shared vehicle ownership, electric vehicles, and other emerging transportation-related innovations are expected to not only transform the way we drive but how we live as well. But how will these changes affect searing? Though automotive seating has traditionally been thought...


A conversation with David E. Cole,  Chairman, Emeritus of the Center for Automotive Research, on:Separating the hype from reality of autonomous tech and mobility when it comes to seatingThe evolution of seating from a static, utilitarian automotive component into a comfort systemUnderstanding the complex legal, technological and human roadblocks that...

Systems Thinking for Seating Design

Auto seating design is undergoing an evolution, one which requires a new approach. Safety, the ergonomic relationship with vehicle systems and comfort have always been the key design drivers in auto seating. They still are critical factors, but with the development of autonomous vehicles and other mobility technologies, what defines...

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2018 Innovative Seating Presentation Packet

Includes 3 presentations from the 2017 iteration of this event:Autonomous Transportation Seating by Ho-Hsuan Hsueh, Hafsa, Malik and Rob Nealy from Virginia Tech Automotive Transport DesignFlash Bainite and the Pathwway to DOE Phase III SBIR  by Gary Cola, CTO of the DOE, Flash Bainite Steel ProcessECG-Seat: The Seat That Monitors...

Evaluate Systems in Order to Accommodate Soldier Seat Positioning

Functions of the Interior Blast Mitigation Team within the U.S. ArmySafety requirements designed to protect soldiers in crash/roll and blast eventsUse of Hybrid 3 Dummies and cross Army-wide use of new manikinsExploring integrated semi-auto speeding systems to detect and adjust to solider seat positionPresentation by Gale Litrichin TARDEC Survivability Seating...

Ford Motor Company on Seat Ergonomics and Aging Populations

Jeroen Lem, Vehicle Interior Technologies at Ford Motor Company, discusses best engineering practices for designs that facilitate vehicle entry and egress, design strategies that optimize the ability of older drivers to reach the instrumentation panel and see the roadway, and solutions for educating younger engineers on the physical needs and...

Use of Modular Components Over Several Models to Reduce Variance and Create Cost Benefits As Well As More Flexibility

Peter Thomae, Commodity Buyer at Volkswagen of America, presents on best engineering practices for incorporating the seating functions that Gen Y craves at an affordable cost without compromising safety, what should be standard equipment, and what should be optional, the impact on luxury brands: What they must do to stay...

Automotive Seat Design to Support Health and Vitalization

“My first fascination is not seeing the seat, but feeling the seat.” Automotive IQ spoke to Prof. Dr. Peter Vink about the major effects influencing seat design and how to measure and improve comfort. Prof. Vink is professor at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft. He is...

IIHS LATCH Ease-of-Use: Strategies to Improve Vehicle Ratings

Jennifer Pelky, Sr. Engineer, Interior Safety and Crashworthiness, CPST at Toyota Technical Center, discusses what needs to be considered if automakers seeking to earn the IIHS’s coveted Good+ rating for child restraint installation hardware will need to comply with the Institute’s new LATCH requirements.

Digitalization and Industry 4.0 in Automotive Seat & Interior Manufacturing

Technology is transforming what car-makers can do with interiors. New mega trends will change how customers spend time in the cabin. Some key players in the market already reacted and took a strategic decision towards a 100% interior focus and split off their seat manufacturing activities.

2017 Automotive Seating Presentation Package

This package contains the expert presentations from Jeroen Lem, Vehicle Interior Technologies at Ford Motor Company, Peter Thomae, Commodity Buyer at Volkswagen of America and Jennifer Pelky, Sr. Engineer, Interior Safety and Crashworthiness, CPST at Toyota Technical Center.

The New Age of Automotive Seating: Improving Driver Wellbeing, Safety and Comfort

We explore the newest technology and smart seat positioning aimed at improving driver wellbeing, safety and comfort.Here is what you can expect to discover:Lear’s ProActive Posture and MySeat technologyRecaro’s Intelligent Driving SeatFaurecia’s Active Wellness 2.0 SeatAdient’s AI17 Automated Driving Seating Demonstrator

2017 Industry Innovator Viewpoints

The viewpoints come from David E. Cole, Chairman Emeritus at Center for Automotive Research, Dr. Mac Reynolds, Biomechanics + Ergonomics Lab at Michigan State University, and Mike Kolich, Supervisor of Global Seat Comfort at Ford Motor Company. Take a look into this brand new book to discover their viewpoints on: The main...

Tackling the Automotive Industry Talent Shortage

Automotive-IQ spoke with Dr. Cole, Chairman Emeritus of the Center for Automotive Research (CAR), ahead of this year’s 11th Annual Automotive Seating Summit on July 26-28 in Detroit, MI. He discuses:The main challenges in the next 3-5 years regarding safety, systems and comfortHow to tackle the shortage of technically sophisticated...

Steps to Improving Seat Design and Shape

Ahead of this presentation Automotive-IQ sat down with Dr. Reynolds, professor in the Biomechanics + Ergonomics Lab at Michigan State University, to delve into some of these viewpoints which include:What has been done to improve seat shape design in the past few years.How this will help OEMs best accommodate driver...

Latest updates on Digitalization of Automotive Enterprise

Automotive IQ sat down with experts from Continental Automotive GmbH, co-shift GmbH, Benz + Walter GmbH and talked about the main challenges OEMs and Tier 1s have to face when they decide to become digital and next frontier of digitalization for Automotive.

Rethinking Car Seat Designs

In the suburbs of Vancouver, Canada, a high-tech firm is quietly working on visualization and predictive modeling using virtual and augmented reality technology. Its methods and products are being integrated into Microsoft's HoloLens, which is, in turn, being used to redesign Ford trucks and passenger vehicles . Ford has started...

The Automotive Seating Industry Riding Into the Future

Improved comfort, new materials and autonomous technologies will drive innovations in automotive seating. Seating suppliers have had to face cost-down pressures and the commoditization of their product in recent years. And like suppliers in other areas of the vehicle, they’ve responded with cost-saving innovations. Faurecia, for example, which claims to...

Advances in Bio-Based Polyurethanes for Leather Finishing

Much of the current research into leather chemicals is focused on providing tanners with solutions that reduce their environmental footprint at each step in the leather manufacturing process. Less water consumption, effluent quality, the elimination of restricted substances and the introduction of naturally occurring ingredients are just some of the...

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Sitting Comfortably with Electronic Adjustable Seating

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