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Innovative Seating Designs to Enhance
Safety, Systems and Comfort

Auto-IQ's 12th Annual Automotive Seating Summit will provide a platform for designers and engineers to discuss changes in the seating sector as automakers explore new designs to remain competitive now and new thinking around changes to the industry with the mainstreaming of autonomous vehicles, and car and ride shares. These changes will occur through cost effective materials and forward thinking designs that decrease overall weight and size while enhancing functionality.


Join us again in 2018 where we will conduct an even deeper dive into key industry trends as the automotive and mobility industries begin planning for the near and not too distant future. We will still focus on traditional issues of safety, comfort and systems, and will also discuss exciting new opportunities like innovative seating configurations as passengers who will spend less time driving and more time doing other things, interactive biosensors in fabrics, new foam technology and more.


Don't miss out on designing the next generation of seating systems that will exceed consumer expectations and meet new challenges and opportunities as transportation technologies evolve.


Highlight Program Topics


Implementing active seatbelt systems


Fusing information from seat sensors


Tackling the shortage of quality tech talent


Smart textiles for smart seats


Infotainment concepts and development


Seat ergonomics and wellness monitors

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