Experience Innovative Seating Designs to Enhance
Safety, Systems and Comfort

The 11th Automotive Seating Summit will provide a platform for engineers to showcase viable solutions as automakers explore new designs to remain competitive. The auto industry demands cost effective designs that decrease overall weight and enhance system functionality.

The focus on smart seats for smart cars allows automakers to modernize the vehicle portfolio. Current market drivers allow the auto industry to meet customer expectations for enhanced physical comfort and safety. A special focus on seating solutions for autonomous vehicles and truck fleets will host new markets and ideas for all participants.

Join us as we place engineers in the driver’s seat at the 11th Annual Automotive Seating Summit on July 26-28, 2017.

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Past Attendees Include:

New Program Topics for 2017


Implementing active seatbelt systems


Fusing information from seat sensors


Tackling the shortage of quality tech talent


Smart textiles for smart seats


Infotainment concepts and development


Seat ergonomics and wellness monitors

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