Featured Speakers

 Robert Huber
Robert Huber
VP of Innovation
 Scott Ziolek
Scott Ziolek
Principle Engineer
Hyundai-Kia American Technical Center, Inc.
Dr. Matthew Reed
Dr. Matthew Reed
Research Professor
University of Michigan, UMTRI
Gregg Peterson
Senior Technical Specialist
Brent Gruber
J.D. Power and Associates

8th Annual Seating Innovators Summit

Driving Seat Design for
Tomorrow's Consumer

The seat is the greatest point of contact an occupant has with any medium of modern transportation. As a major determinant of safety, cost, weight and perceived quality, the seat demands continued innovation and ingenuity in order to reduce cost, weight and anticipate user preferences while maintaining, in fact, increasing, safety and production standards.

Subject matter experts continue to push lean production methods paired with pioneering technology and quicker market entrance. These myriad objects require a collaborative approach; contextualizing each component, process and design decision in light of company goals, the design process and manufacturing landscape to achieve optimal wide-ranging seating satisfaction.

The Best Seating Innovators:

  • Quantify global market trends to map global product and manufacturing strategies
  • Utilize 3D measurement techniques and ergonomic research to create safe and luxurious body-conforming seats
  • Collaborate with the full seating design and manufacturing spectrum, to exchange best practices and benchmark progress
  • Relentlessly pursue new technology and manufacturing strategies to reduce cost and weight 

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